Step Down Transformer Manufacturers

Step Down Transformer Manufacturers

Mahendra Transformer offers a wide variety of Inverter duty transformers with two inverter windings to six inverter windings . Mahendra Transformer leads the market and the manufacturer who developed five winding transformers and passed short circuit test. We are market leaders and hold more than 20% market share in Inverter duty transformer.

  • Features

  • Suitable for Solar load profile
  • Inverter windings are specifically designed to withstand voltages excursions that arise due to pulsed mode inverter operation
  • Inverter windings are capable of withstanding voltages with rate of rise (dV/dt ) up to 500V/┬Ás to ground
  • Galvanically isolated inverter winding for each inverter
  • Electrostatic shield between inverter winding and MV winding
  • Windings : Aluminium and Copper
  • Inverter winding could be star/delta. In case of star winding neutral not to be grounded
  • Low no load losses.
  • Also available in dry type construction.
  • Application

    In Distribution network of MSEDCL or Private substations

  • Tech Specification

    Standard ratings& Specs as per IS 1180:2014 with latest revision.