Solar Duty Transformer

Solar Duty Transformer Manufacturers

Solar Duty Transformer Manufacturers

Mahendra Transformer offers a wide variety of Inverter duty transformers with two inverter windings to six inverter windings . Mahendra Transformer leads the market and the manufacturer who developed five winding transformers and passed short circuit test. We are market leaders and hold more than 20% market share in Inverter duty transformer.

Mahendra Transformer offers inverter transformers with many innovations in order to reduce the cost of solar plants. The four inverter windings and six inverter windings transformers have made it feasible to reduce HV side hardware. The ever increasing rating of inverters have pushed the rating of inverter transformers from 2 MVA to 12.5 MVA in a brief span of 5 years.

  • Features

  • Suitable for Solar load profile
  • Inverter windings are specifically designed to withstand voltages excursions that arise due to pulsed mode inverter operation
  • Inverter windings are capable of withstanding voltages with rate of rise (dV/dt ) up to 500V/┬Ás to ground
  • Galvanically isolated inverter winding for each inverter
  • Electrostatic shield between inverter winding and MV winding
  • Windings : Aluminium and Copper
  • Inverter winding could be star/delta. In case of star winding neutral not to be grounded
  • Low no load losses.
  • Also available in dry type construction.
  • Application

    In Distribution network of MSEDCL or Private substations

  • Tech Specification

    Standard ratings& Specs as per IS 1180:2014 with latest revision.