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OlTc Type Transformer Suppliers

OlTc Type Transformer Suppliers

Servo Transformers

We are well-known in market for our Servo Transformers Manufacturers, Servo Transformers Suppliers, Servo Transformers Manufacturers in India, Servo Transformers Suppliers in India. “Energy Efficient, Lowe Losses, Oil Cooled or Air Cooled, Copper Wound, Outdoor or Indoor Type. Designing, Engineering, Fabricating, Manufacturing & Testing in accordance to the latest Standard to the best performance and Low Electricity Consumption. Servo Voltage Stabilizer is developed for unwavering power supply. It evaluate with the lower voltage and the resulting error signal controls the servo motor providing comparative control system rather than on/off circuits. It can be used mainly in equipments printing presses, scientific equipments and lifts. And these stabilizers can be used for air conditional plants and medical plants. When choosing these instruments, it is significant to check their efficiency and reliability. Its latest techniques keep associate degree consistent watch on the output voltage so dominant the alternating fluctuations within the input voltage through the movement of a motor. So, servo voltage stabilizer unit terribly devoted and reliable, it offers you with rattling concepts to control the many functions of the servo stabilizer.”

Upto 1000 KVA from 5 KVA Single Phase and Three Phase :-

  1. 1. Oil Cooled Servo Transformers
  2. 2. Dry Type Servo Transformers
  3. 3. H.T. Line Servo Transformers
  4. 3. L.T. Line Servo Transformers
  • Application

    In Distribution network of MSEDCL or Private substations

  • Tech Specification

    Standard ratings& Specs as per IS 1180:2014 with latest revision.