Furnace Transformer

Furnace Transformer Manufacturers

Furnace Transformer Manufacturers

Mahendra Transformer offers various types of Furnace transformers like Electric Arc furnace, Submerged arc, Rectifier duty & Ladle furnace transformers. Mahendra Transformer Arc transformers are designed to withstand repeated high mechanical and thermal stresses resulting from electric arc in furnace. The furnace transformer supplying power to Electric Arc Furnace has to handle extremely high currents in the order of kilo-Amps depending upon furnace ratings. If required, Furnace transformers are also equipped with internal series reactor to control current fluctuations. Raychem Arc furnace transformers are equipped with low voltage control by regulating winding, auto transformer and buck boost transformers to suit customer requirement. The furnace transformers are provided with oil to water heat exchanger with 100% standby capacity.

  • ->Very High currents as compared to Conventional transformers
  • ->Provides large low voltage variation to suit furnace application
  • ->Withstand harmonics generated due to rectifier, furnace operation
  • ->Provided with OFWF cooling with 100% ,standby capacity
  • Application

    In Distribution network of Steel plant,Rolling mills, Industries (Cement, Steel, Mining etc.,) ,Non Ferrous Metal industries

  • Tech Specification

    Standard ratings& Specs as per IS 1180:2014 with latest revision.